Social Justice Community

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Congregation Shir Tikvah Social Justice Community (CST SJC) is to advance the cause of Tikkum Olam in the world. We seek to educate ourselves and others as we act to promote issues of social justice based on Jewish and democratic principles. This pursuit of justice must be a collaborative effort to include as many people as possible from the CST and wider communities

Water utilities are now suing. Should they use the money to fix the problems rather than sue? 

"... Detroit-area water providers are trying to thwart the rule in the Michigan Court of Claims. Filed in mid-December, their lawsuit calls new requirements under the rule “arbitrary,” too costly and ineffective for addressing Michigan’s most serious lead threats. ..." -


New definition of waters of the U.S. Environmental groups said the Trump administration proposal would have a sweeping impact on how the country safeguards the nation's waterways, scaling back not just a 2015 Obama administration interpretation of federal jurisdiction, but how federal agencies enforce the 1972 Clean Water Act. Review the Issues and Impact of new regulations:

The SJC has discussed working with other groups on issues. There is an interfaith group in Southfield involved in social justice activities. Rabbi Aaron Starr of Congregation Shaarey Zedek is a member. Check the group out at: Lift Up Southfield!

The Very Rev. Chris Yaw – St. David’s Episcopal Church
The Rev. Kimi Riegel – Northwest Unitarian Universalist Church
Pastor Jill Heather – Emmanuel Lutheran Church
The Rev. Theodore Turman – First Baptist Church of Detroit
Rabbi Aaron Starr – Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Fr. Jeffrey Scheeler, OFM - Catholic Church of the Transfiguration
Fr. Jeremy Harrington, OFM – Catholic Church of the Transfiguration
Very Rev. Fr. Aren Jebejian – St. John’s Armenian Orthodox Church
Rev. Fr. Armash Bagdasarian - St. John’s Armenian Orthodox Church


For those who are Twitter followers, follow the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism @TheRAC and please follow Congregation Shir Tikvah on Facebook. FB is a closed group, meaning you can find it on FB but only get involved if you ask to become a member of that group. Please ASK!

The CST SJC has selected water affordability/water justice as its focus for the coming year. Events and information will be posted as available.

  • The Detroit Jews for Justice  "Illuminating Water Justice: A Hanukkah Gathering in Detroit" event was a success in raising awareness of our group and of the issues surrounding water affordability. More events will be posted here and on our Facebook page and in the Schrier.
  • For educational content on local water issues and actions for advocacy, see