Shir Tikvah Family Education

About the Congregation Shir Tikvah Sam and Jean Frankel Family Education Program

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Sam and Jean Frankel Family Education Program to work in partnership with our synagogue community, faculty, clergy and families to provide an accepting, nurturing and engaging environment designed to establish a positive Jewish identity rooted within each child.  Our program will create lifelong Jewish learners who will live meaningful Jewish lives.

Our Vision

It is the vision of the Sam and Jean Frankel Family Education Program that the Jewish education of our students include the intellectual, social and spiritual growth of our students.  To this end our program engages our students in innovative and experiential ways.

Our greatest hopes are that a graduate of the Sam and Jean Frankel Family Education Program will:

  • Be a mensch.
  • Develop a fundamental knowledge and experience of Judaism and the Hebrew language.
  • Love and feel an intimate connection to G-d, Torah and Israel.
  • Grow ever more authentic, secure and confident as a Jew.

Our Team

The Congregation Shir Tikvah Educational Team works collectively in creating programming and supporting the vision and goals for our school.  While the team members overlap on many specific projects, they each have a function that they are individually responsible for.  Congregation Shir Tikvah believes this approach provides maximum benefit for our Education program.

Class Schedules and Curriculum

The Family Education Program spans pre-kindergarten through high school. Pre-K through sixth grade meets on Sunday mornings; third through sixth grade meets on Sunday mornings and Tuesday afternoons; seventh through twelfth grade meets on Monday evenings.

The Hebrew curriculum focuses on several elements: Hebrew through prayer (so that students are familiar with the Hebrew prayers in the service well before they begin formal bar or bat mitzvah preparation), Jewish holidays and observances, Jewish history, current events, Jewish identity, and community.

Registration Information

To register your student for Family Ed, please use the registration link found on the left side of this page in the "Family Ed Forms and Registration" block.